7 Types of Tweezers & Their Uses

what is tweezers

Not only will they last longer, but they won’t rust and cause irritation when they come in contact with your skin. Our team loved the versatile design of this pair of tweezers — which doubles as an eyebrow brush. This combo is ideal for sweeping back various sections of the brow to see any tiny stray hairs lmfx review lurking underneath. The flat wide tip might not be as precise as other tweezers, but it makes it easy to grip larger sections of hair (say two or three longer pieces). Grooming and shaping brows is a major part of many people’s beauty routines, which is why having a good pair of tweezers is so important.

  1. We use our unique methodology to test products in three labs across the country and with our network of home testers to determine their effectiveness, durability, ease of use, and so much more.
  2. A clean pair of tweezers in your first aid kit might be a game changer.
  3. «What will dull them is dropping them on the floor, throwing them in a cosmetics bag, or putting them in a drawer where they bounce around and hit other things.»
  4. For example, reaching into a boiling pot of water for a taste of pasta stops feeling like you’re playing a rigged round of the claw crane game.
  5. Made of sturdy stainless steel, these precision-style tweezers can grip even the tiniest of ticks so that you are not exposed to tick-borne pathogens any longer than need be.


Since there is no sharp edge, they can also be used to apply individual lashes. Acing every test with a perfect score, this tweezer grips and pulls hair quickly and painlessly — though the end is sharp, so be mindful when plucking. Considering how effective and affordable this sleek tweezer is, we think it’s a great pair to add to your grooming kit. The tweezers are stylish, comfortable to hold, and effective at removing hairs. And though a little pricey, they’re made with stainless steel and built to last, so we think these tweezers are worth the investment. We tested this pair of tweezers at home using the same criteria as our lab test, and they didn’t disappoint.

Tweezerman Micro Mini Slant Tweezers Trio

Like most cooks, I was a big believer in the utility of tongs, but then I accidentally fell into my first fancy kitchen job and was immediately stripped of them. First I was introduced to the fish spatula, and learned that my salmon filets always fell apart because the tongs were ripping them up. It was a land where ranch was a mother sauce and servers would flock to half-eaten plates of awesome-blossoms in the dirty dish pit. The tongs were usually slung over oven door handles, slapping the sticky kitchen floor every time the oven was opened. I moved through the ranks of salad girl and egg cook, in and out of Kelly green pubs with Irish-sounding names. I expertly slid sheet trays of potato skins out from under the salamander and yanked steaks from the depths of the deep fryer, all with my well-worn tongs.

Flat-Tip Tweezers

This tweezer has a reverse grip, meaning that when you squeeze the tweezer the tips move away from one another. If you are comfortable with a reverse grip, and are looking for a very lightweight tweezer, the EK Tools would be a good choice. However, we recommend the Tweezier as a better choice for most consumers who want a versatile tweezer that offers a great grip on small objects. Silver Gripper – Pointed Keychain Tweezer Silver Gripper was the smallest tweezer we tested, only 2.5-inches long, and the only tweezer that came with an attached keychain holder. While Silver Gripper was very handy to travel with, the tweezer itself was hard to use.

Combining the previous two types of tweezers will give you this bad boy. Although the slant is more severe, it will still grab hairs as easily as a classic, slant-tip. And even though the point is not as sharp as regular, point-tip tweezers it will still offer enough precision to grab fine hairs and relieve ingrowns and splinters.

Slant Tip Tweezers are the classic type of tweezers and are most commonly sold in stores. Best known for precision, they are mainly used to tweeze brow and facial hair. Tweezers have become a popular staple in beauty routines thanks to the #instabrow era. They come in many different colors and materials like stainless steel (our fave!). Having a solid pair of tweezers can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

Nearly any type of tweezers can be used to apply false lashes, but it can be risky to put something with a sharp edge so close to your eye. This pair of tweezers is specifically designed for false eyelash application. The dual-ended lash applicator includes a flat lash tweezer on one end and an eyelash comb on the other. It provides a strong yet delicate grip on your lashes and allows for much easier and less messy application than using your fingers. Anastasia Beverly Hills is a high-end brand with a strong reputation for creating top-quality eyebrow products of all kinds, from pencils to these precision, slant-tipped tweezers. They’re calibrated to grab even the smallest, finest hairs, including stubborn chin hairs.

what is tweezers

An arched claw style is handy for grabbing hard-to-get hairs, making it very effective for short, fine and light hair. It also helps to choose tweezers in a dark color (like black) — pale hairs will stand out more starkly against a dark shade. Most tweezers are roughly the same size, though you can find options that are slightly larger or smaller. For the best performance, tweezers should fit comfortably in your hand so you can easily pinch them closed.

The sharp point is useful but requires care to prevent accidental injury. For removing foreign objects or ingrown hairs, try the Tweezerman Ingrown Hair/Splintertweeze. Although we haven’t pitted them against other pointed-tip tweezers, between Tweezerman’s sharpening program and our staff’s experience, we’re confident that they’ll serve you well. They have a pointy tip ideal for digging, are sharp and can be kept sharp with the Tweezerman service. Wirecutter founder Brian Lam keeps them on hand to dig out the occasional sea urchin spine or other foreign object, and said that their wide grip is helpful for holding the tweezers steady. We spent a month rigorously testing 19 of the best tweezers on the market and determined that the Rubis Switzerland – 3- 3/4” Slant Tip is the best tweezer for hair removal on the market.

Wirecutter is the product recommendation service from The New York Times. Our journalists combine independent research with (occasionally) over-the-top testing so you can make quick and confident buying decisions. Whether it’s finding great products or discovering helpful advice, we’ll help you get it right (the first time).

The sharp, precise stainless steel tips of the Majestic Bombay tweezer removed ingrown hairs easily. These tweezer’s stainless steel tips are sharp enough to free ingrown hairs or splinters that are partially under skin. Flat tip tweezers have a blunt edge, meaning they aren’t very effective at plucking hairs or removing ingrown hairs, though they do work well for applying false lashes. The most common type of tweezers features a slant tip with a slight point.

what is tweezers

According to Speights-Sellers, surgical-grade steel is one of the best options for tweezers. Not only do they guarantee strength and durability, but they also can help ensure that your tweezers maintain their perfectly-aligned tip. Plus, stainless steel is also a hypoallergenic material making it ideal for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin or who have a nickel allergy. Made of sturdy stainless steel, these precision-style tweezers can grip even the tiniest of ticks so that you are not exposed to tick-borne pathogens any longer than need be.

They allow you to turn over a thick ribeye with ease and even garnish it with some fragile herbs immediately after. If you don’t mind getting a little close to the heat, long tweezers are the perfect utensil for carefully flipping vegetables or hot dogs on a grill without https://forex-review.net/ letting any slip through the grate. Their simple design means that there aren’t any grooves or pockets for food and gunk to get trapped, so cleanup is a cinch. I met my first pair of tweezers in a restaurant filled with foams and gels and rotary evaporators.

Fish tweezers differ from conventional tweezers in that they have a broader surface area at the tips. This allows for a sturdier grip on tiny bones in slippery conditions, as one tends to encounter with raw fish. A. According to TSA, you may bring tweezers both in your checked bag and in your carry-on.

After taking these tweezers for a spin, she was impressed by how well the wide, slanted tips grabbed and extracted multiple hairs at once without pulling on her skin. https://forex-review.net/fxdd/ They aren’t made of stainless steel, but the durable metal offers a firm grip. Other than that, our only complaint is that the packaging was hard to open.

«I’d recommend these tweezers in a heartbeat — especially for travel, since they’re so small,» our tester says. «The set also comes in a chic rose gold carrying case with a magnetic closure.» We selected tweezers that met those criteria, looking for brands that were well-reviewed, came recommended by readers, or were simply widely available at drugstores, just to see how they stacked up. We tried them all out on brow and body hairs, noting tip sharpness, ease of grip, and the overall experience of using them. We kept track of when we pinched ourselves with a pair more than once or when we struggled to grab the hair we were after.

The grip of tweezers affects how well they grasp each hair and how hard you have to hold them during use. To avoid hand cramps and stray hairs, you’ll want a set of tweezers with a strong grip. Bonus points if you can find one with a finger-sized hold for added grippage. The tweezer feels strong and durable when holding it, and it can be used lightly and still get quite a few hairs with each pluck. This pair of tweezers is ideal for the section between your brows and on the end above the tail of your brow where the skin is less sensitive. They allow you to precisely shape your brows, eliminate undesirable facial hair, and even apply artificial eyelashes extension.

Our testers also noted minimal skin irritation when using the pure stainless steel FIXBODY. If you are looking for a good budget slant tip tweezer, the Revlon – Slant Tip is the way to go. The Revlon’s price is at the low end; however, it earned average to above-average ratings with our testers, who especially appreciated the tweezer’s textured grip.

With that being said, tweezing is like a dance — one bad move can make everything go south. So, before you start plucking your brow hairs, Healy notes that your eyebrow routine starts with the right pair of tweezers. «Using a tweezer without a good grip can cause the hair to break and then make it more challenging to remove,» he says. He suggests grabbing a pair of eyebrow tweezers that has grip ridges for a secure hold. The ReNext – Curved tweezer was by far the best at applying false eyelashes. After consulting our lash professional, who tested all of our curved tweezers, we found that the best tweezer for applying false lashes was the ReNext – Curved.

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